SCUM from Grosseto(Italy), since 1998, born as thrashmetal cover band became soon one of the most respected extreme bands in the local underground. With influences like Testament, Pantera, Machine Head, Carcass and all the “big” in the thrash-metal scene, SCUM found soon their own typical sound alternating straight fast riffs, with heavier groove mid-tempos, like Meshuggah, Gojira, Nevermore etc…,completing with melodic breaks and guitar solos. In 15 years of live activity, SCUM shares stage with some of most known national, and international, metal bands (Node,Extrema, Subliminal Crusher, Sawthis, Eyeconoclast, SRL, Subhuman, Paradox, Paul Di Anno…)
First band’s release in 2003 named “WELCOME”, is a 5-track EP recorded at Replay Studios in Milan;followed in 2006 by “Re-Evolution”, full length 8-track CD produced by Fabio Magistrali at Replay Studio in Milan. After 3 years of live shows all over the country, it was time to put together new material ,so in 2010 “Painful Illusion” 8-track EP, comes to be their 3rd release, recorded at Box In A Box Studio and mixed in First Line Studio in Grosseto. Sadly during the following 2 years, founder member and frontman, Leonardo had several trouble with alcoholism; not dropped out but forced to rehabilitation, the band decided to give him a chance playing 3rd guitar, so Karl Littleseptembers was called to join SCUM’s forces at vocals, giving the band more album-fidelity and power in live shows.Ready again to kick a**, recently SCUM recorded 3 brand new tracks at well known 16th Cellar Studio in Rome (Eyeconoclast,Fleshgod Apocalypse…) under supervision of Stefano (Saul) Morabito.
Next full length is planned to come out soon.

Entropic 1.0 // Entropic 1.0 (EP)
  1. Entropic 1.0 // Entropic 1.0 (EP)
  2. Becoming Heavier // Entropic 1.0 (EP)
  3. Mental Delay // Entropic 1.0 (EP)